Deeds & Aims Limited

DeedsandAims is a private Real Estate Firm renowned for delivering sustainable, “green”, elegant, functional and unconventional Homes in Lagos. We have developed a reputation for transforming small spaces into optimal and eye-catching living quarters for the lower-middle income class, aspiring to live in cosmopolitan environments. In doing so, we do not believe in cutting corners to save costs, at the expense of delivering quality homes to buyers. We thrive on delivering quality, affordable and sustainable homes that can be curated to the pockets of our customers and this ensures that we can provide our clients with long term investment opportunities that offer longer term financial security.
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Our Philosophy

We are proud to have positively disrupted the real estate space with our focus on integrating “green” “sustainable” and cost-efficient concepts in our designs. We see the big picture of the role of real estate sector in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change risks. As such, we are committed to integrating environmental and social responsibility considerations at the heart of our business. From Design through Post-Construction, we create innovative structures that blend energy efficiency, innovation and “green” – space thinking.

How We Work

We primarily execute our property development projects via a build to sell strategy or joint venture arrangements. We understand the importance of delivering value for money and the concept of a satisfied client, hence our projects have come from repeat patronage and strong recommendations from satisfied home buyers. We don’t cut and run (like the typical developer) but hand-hold our clients to settle in and ensure they enjoy un-paralleled living experiences. As a testament to this, between 2019 – 20, we sold out on all our 20 developing projects in a record period of 12 months and before they were completed.

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